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Center for Environmental Biotechnology

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High Throughput DNA Sequencing

High Throughput DNA Sequencing at UT

The Center for Environmental Biotechnology (CEB) is providing high-throughput DNA sequencing services to all interested on-campus and off-campus researchers.  DNA sequencing will be performed using the Genomic FLX pyrosequencer available at UT’s Joint Institute for Biological Sciences.  This is the only instrument of this type in East Tennessee and only one of two in the State of Tennessee.  Sequencing will utilize the GS FLX Titanium platform ( which can yield up to 500 Mbp of DNA sequence in a single run.  Applications include genome sequencing, metagenomics, as well as transcriptomics. 


DNA Samples and Data Output
All clients must provide high quality DNA (3 – 5 µg) for sequencing at a minimum concentration >40 ng/µl as measured by a fluorometer.  Please submit a gel image of the purified DNA with and without an EcoRI digestion.  CEB staff will further prepare the DNA for sequencing.  Currently, using standard protocols, our DNA preparation and sequencing runs takes a minimum of 5 days.  At current computing capacity, processing data image files, requires at least 80 hours. 

Assembled sequence will be transferred to the PI as an fna.file, qual.file, and an ace.fil.  At this time, we cannot offer bioinformatic computer services beyond providing assembled sequence data. 

A DNA submission form can be downloaded from:  454 Submission Form


It is strongly recommended that the cost of sequencing be included in your research proposals.  CEB staff can work with you on defining your needs.    The current pricing structure for a standard shotgun sequencing project is as follows:

Established Rates for Internal and External Users

Approximate Sequence  (Mbp)

Internal User Cost ($)

External User Cost ($)













The pricing structure may be modified in the future as new methods and applications become available. 


For Further Information
For further information on applications and pricing, please contact Dr. Alice Layton at 974-8080 or






The Genome Sequencer FLX System, with long-read GS FLX Titanium chemistry, is the flagship 454 Sequencing platform.