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Steven Ripp

Research Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Oklahoma State University

Dr. Ripp’s research centers on the genetic development of lux-based bioluminescent bioreporter systems for the detection of target chem/bio agents. Using bacteria and/or bacteriophage as sensory elements, in combination with self-generated bioluminescence emission, permits rapid, sensitive, and reproducible detection and monitoring in a user-friendly assay format. With the concurrent development of bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuits (BBICs) as a biomimetic interface for living bioreporter organisms, assays can additionally be applied in a lab-on-chip format for unattended, wireless sentinel monitoring..

Selected Publications

Ripp, S., P. Jegier, C.M. Johnson, J. Brigati, and G.S. Sayler. 2008. Bacteriophage-amplified bioluminescent sensing of Escherichia coli O157:H7. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 391:507-514.

Islam, S.K., R. Vijayaraghavn, M. Zhang, S. Ripp, S. Caylor, B. Weathers, S. Moser, S. Terry, B. Blalock, and G.S. Sayler. 2007. Integrated circuit biosensors using living whole-cell bioreporters. IEEE Transactions 54:89-98.

Ripp, S., P. Jegier, M. Birmele, C. Johnson, K. Daumer, J. Garland, and G. Sayler. 2006. Linking bacteriophage infection to quorum sensing signaling and bioluminescent bioreporter monitoring for direct detection of bacterial agents. Journal of Applied Microbiology 100:488-499.

Ripp, S. 2005. Bioreporter technology for monitoring soil bioremediation, p. 233-250. In R. Margesin and F. Schinner (ed.), Manual of Soil Analysis. Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

Ripp, S., K.A. Daumer, T. McKnight, L.H. Levine, J.L. Garland, M.L. Simpson, and G.S. Sayler. 2003. Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit sensing of microbial volatile organic compounds. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 30:636-642.

Ripp, S., D.E. Nivens, Y. Ahn, C. Werner, J. Jarrell, J.P. Easter, C.D. Cox, R.S. Burlage, and G.S. Sayler. 2000. Controlled field release of a bioluminescent genetically engineered microorganism for bioremediation process monitoring and control. Environmental Science and Technology 34:846-853.

Sayler, G.S., and S. Ripp. 2000. Field applications of genetically engineered microorganisms for bioremediation processes. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 11:286-289.


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